Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rihanna's New Fragrance, Masochist, to Debut on Her Wedding Day

The packaging for the new perfume isn't ready yet,
but RiRi insisted on the color being  as close to black and blue as possible.
Rihanna announced today that her new fragrance, Masochist, is hitting stores on the same day as her beach party wedding to convicted girlfriend beater, Chris Brown.
I take risks all the time with my different hairstyles, clothes, and long term relationships. After my third fragrance Nude came out, I wanted to push the limits of the human olfactory system and the upper limits good taste. That's how my team of North Korean scientists and I came up with Masochist. - Rihanna
Masochist is a direct contrast with Nude, which offered a flirty fruity aroma. The new fragrance offers up all the mystique of a hospital's emergency room with a background of co-dependence and poor decision making. It also consists of denial and the gentle notes of a public restroom .

In related news, Chris Brown will be releasing his new musk for men called Sadist on the couple's wedding day.

*This story is fake. Fake, fake, fake.