Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sarah Palin Allies Support Sarah By Standing On Their Pets

Dogs are shocked by the recent
turn of events.  
The Friends of Sarah Palin (FSP), a new organization composed of fans of the once Governor of Alaska, are supporting their gal in her darkest hour by organizing stand-ins across America. These stand-ins are in response to the liberal media's shameful critique of her son being cruel to the family dog by standing on it as shown on Ms. Palin's Instagram account.

"The stand-ins are being held in homes, churches, and anywhere a God fearing American can proudly stand on their animal companion," stated Cynthia Faux, President of FSP. "God gave us mastery of the planet and that includes standing on our furry friends."

FSP officials have stated that they are hurrying to prepare the satellite feed which will enable as many as possible protesters to live chat with Sarah and Trig, her lovable child who knows that dogs are not only man's best friend but also a handy stool in a pinch.

Goldie is ready for the
ultimate sacrifice.
The protest is planned to last as long as it takes for PETA and other members of the liberal Illuminati to rescind all statements regarding Puppygate.

While FSP are officially planning only to use dogs for the stand-in, it is understood that for members without canine companions other pets will suffice. Local organizers have stated that cats, hamsters, and goldfish are going to be stood on in order to press the point home.