Thursday, November 10, 2011

Imperial Wizard of the KKK Retracts Support for Herman Cain

Nathan Bedford Forest,
the origianal wizard
Scumbottom, Louisiana - The Imperial Wizard of KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest VI, has officially announced that the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan is no longer supporting Herman Cain's bid for the presidency. Up until recently Klabees (Klan treasurers) have been raising money for the campaign at local Klonvocations  (Klan events). In fact, a portion of every Klecktoken (initiation fees for new Klan members) have been going to the Republican's war chest. Why has the support suddenly stopped?

"We didn't know Herman Cain was black," the Wizard stated. "Now that might just seem stupid to all you out there who are addicted to the lame stream media. I happened to read the man's statements and he wants to electrify the southern border against criminaliens. That's what I've been saying for years! He doesn't want to appoint any Muslims in his administration either. Sure he has recanted that, but no real American can speak their mind without the liberal press jumping down their throat."

The McCain team has not responded to this particular situation at this time. Herman Cain's spoke person, Marvin Canard, did have this to say,
The McCain 2012 campaign to take back America has decided to stop making public or private statements. Whenever Mr McCain or a team member says anything it takes two to three weeks of spinning said statement so that the candidate does not appear ignorant or just mean. Our new policy is Silence is Golden.
In related news, Rick Perry's campaign team is considering adopting the Silence is Golden rule for similar reasons.

*This article is 100% fake.