Saturday, January 8, 2022

Far Right Rep. Matt Gaetz: "I'm Proud Of My Sex Trafficking Work"

Matt Gaetz is in the political fight for his life. He represents Florida's 4th district and is up for reelection. Democrats are hoping to use his ties to former President Donald J. Trump against him as well as Gaetz's sordid history. It's a strategy that may just win over independent voters.

Seeing the potential danger, Representative Gaetz is following Trump's playbook by doubling down on controversy. The 39-year-old politician recently called a press conference and stated he is proud of his work as a sex trafficker. He also insisted the government was the real villain.

I do not believe that there would have been the same level of criminal acuity regarding my sex trafficking of minors but for the involvement of the federal government.

I am calling for an investigation into the extent to which the federal government may have been involved in my sex trafficking of underage women across state lines. 

- Matt Gaetz

Reporters bombarded him with questions like, "How could the federal government be more guilty than you?" and "You are groping a 15-year-old high school student right now! How is Nancy Pelosi to blame?"

Representative Gaetz simply held up a piece of paper and said all the evidence is there and when the time is right he will release it to the public.