Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Kanye West 'Enslaves Himself' To Donald J. Trump


It's difficult to imagine Kanye West doing anything more bizarre than going on Alex Jones's InfoWars in a ski mask and saying positive things about German fascism leading up to and through the Second World War. However, if there is one thing all of us should know by now is that there is no end to the bottomless pit of extremism that is Kanye West.

In the newest headline-grabbing stunt, West announced he is "enslaving himself" to former President Donald J. Trump. Is it really surprising?  In 2018 he stated that slavery was a choice. 

And it seems like he's showing the world that, yes, slavery is a choice for him.

Why can't I slave myself? Who is anyone to say I can't place myself in bondage to a great man? - Kanye West

Those familiar with the rapper aren't really sure what his motivation may be. Here are a few theories:

  1. West is seeking to get back into the good graces of Trump.  A few days before Thanksgiving West and Trump had dinner at Mar-a Lago. West unexpectedly brought anti-semite and right-wing personality Nick Fuentes. The controversy around that meeting is still being felt.
  2. West wants to be Trump's Vice President. This theory is really a more extreme version of #1. Not only does West want to be in Trump's good books, but he wants to be his running mate. After West announced his plans to run for President and supposedly got yelled at by Trump, perhaps enslaving himself will get him the nod?
  3. West is competing with Trump. There can only be one ultimate showman and that is Kanye West. He believes Trump's statement about terminating the Constitution is a sad attempt to grab West's spotlight. That will not do. 
No one knows for sure if West is thinking about being Trump's slave for life or going for an old-school Old Testament 7-year bondservant.