Sunday, May 1, 2011

Draft Day Shocker

Jets fans and Patriotic Christians alike were stunned at the NFL draft when the NY Jets selected Muslim Muhammad Wilkerson out of Temple with their first pick.

A Jet Fan who wanted to stay anonymous stated, “We thought we had them safely confined to taxi cab drivers and street vendors and now this”.

Christian advocate Pamela Geller said that it’s too soon to have those who attacked us having a player on a team so close to Ground Zero.  Asked if there was a team that would be a better choice she said Detroit…after all they have Sharia Law up there.

Wilkerson is not known to intelligence agencies, but there is unspoken concern that a sport which typically uses militaristic terms like ‘war’, ‘bomb’, ‘victory’, etc of being infiltrated by terrorists. Having a Muslim on a NFL team would complicate the intelligence agencies ability to monitor Islamo-fascist chatter.  “Clearly there are lives at stake,’ said Jim Smith of the CIA.  We haven’t seen a threat this large since Al Qaeda infiltrated the Harlem Globetrotters and some of our agents were assigned to the Washington Generals.

Muslims originally avoided playing football because of confusion over the term “Pigskin’, but after recent liberal fact-checking site debunked the term, there has been an increase in interest among Muslim men.

Fans were concerned that in a PC world hot dogs will be banned at the stadium, but officials said putting a prophet ahead of profit isn’t something the NFL has a history of doing.


- Kevin Anderton, contributing reporter