Friday, January 30, 2015

Suge Knight Opens Academy Of Etiquette And Charm

I'm passionate about
spreading the message
of grace and class to the world.
- Suge Knight
Compton, California Marion "Suge" Knight, one time CEO of Death Row Records, has opened the Suge Knight's Academy of Etiquette and Charm in his hometown of Compton, California. The school seeks to address the disturbing trend towards incivility, lack of grace, and a general sense of poor manners. The Academy is designed to properly train people from a myriad of backgrounds that include, but certainly not limited to, professionals, children, and elite housewives.

But why open the Suge Knight's Academy of Etiquette and Charm now? What was the inspiration for such a remarkable project?

"I was having brunch on a Sunday morning at the Heritage Family Pantry with some friends and their kids, and I thought Oh, no I can not abide with these table manners, Mr Knight explained.

With the help of several Certified Etiquette Trainers Suge Knight developed a curriculum that reflected his personal philosophy of self restraint, a respect for the feelings of others, and his love of pageants that show off the poise and charm of young women. "There are few things more exciting to me than watching a young girl blossom into womanhood and gaining public acclaim," stated Suge.

Classes personally taught by Mr Knight include:

  • Tea Party Etiquette
  • Gracious Table Settings 
  • Police Etiquette (101 and Advanced)
  • Smiling
  • Nail Care and Colors
  • Dating 101  
The Academy is bringing it
old skool.
The Academy is to offer small classes that will teach 8-12 students to ensure that every single participant receives individual care. One-on-one tutoring will be available for those special students who wish to spend time with Mr Knight as he goes about his daily routine. 

There is already a long waiting list for entry into the school. "My kids love listening to the various artists on the Death Row label. This is the logical next step for my little Chandler and Britney," reported proud dad, Robert Van Winkle.

Even though the school has just opened its success has spurred rumors of opening franchises across America and starting online courses, Mr Knight has stated that he doesn't want to expand too fast too soon. "I don't want to water my brand down. I'm a big guy, but there is only so much Suge to spread around,"  he joked in an avuncular way.

While the courses have received high praise, there have been some concerns on how unruly students are treated. "The discipline is tough in the Academy, but when you're working with a pro like Knight, students have to understand it's his way or the balcony," stated Robert Van Winkle.