Monday, April 8, 2013

Idaho State Senator Stamps Out the Corrupting Influence of the Girl Scouts

Boise, Idaho Irving A. Falstaff, state senator from the Gem State's 3rd district, has announced a breakthrough in an ongoing fight against tax evasion and corruption: Girl Scouts are not going to get a free ride in his state.

"I have blocked a nefarious bill in the state legislature that would have allowed the pro-gay agenda, non-profit organization known as the Girl Scouts special treatment. There was a scheme to make the sale of Girl Scout cookies free of the sales tax." stated Senator Falstaff.

The Girl Scouts were trying to pass a law that would exempt them from paying 22 cents of tax per box of cookies sold. In all, the organization was expected to pay approximately $150,000 to the state.

Senator Falstaff, however, is not happy even though he has won this round of the political boxing match.

"The Girl Scouts continue to accept homosexuals in their ranks, and local groups are hotbeds for the recruitment of God fearing girls into the lesbian lifestyle. Their cookies reflect this unwholesome sickness. Just look at the names of their cookies: Do-si-Does, Trefoils, Dulce de Leche -- those sound very un American to me. I say we tax the un American cookies higher than the Thin Mints," Senator Falstaff said.

Critics of the state senator point out that he is more than likely going to facing a fierce political battle for his seat in the next election, and simply trying to divert attention away from his history of marital infidelity. Aids to the Idaho politician state that his sagging approval numbers in the recent polls has nothing to do with attacking the non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of countless girls.

*Although this story is a fake, the links above point to the real stories behind the real craziness.