Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jessica Simpson Gets Into Huge Fight With Rival!

Jessica Simpson, mega-mom, recording star, and fashion designer has it all. But when you have it all, there are some people who want to shine by putting you down. That's exactly what happened last week when Jessica went toe-to-toe with a rival at Jessica Simpson's Girls Collection event.
I can't believe she did that to Jessica. That girl brought tears to poor Jessica eyes by hogging all the attention from the crowd and photographers. - Bill Kannard, Ms Simpson's publicist
The brazen young go getter flaunted her youth and beauty in front of the 32 year old superstar. Jessica's sister, Ashlee Simpson, defended her older sibling's reputation by taking the newcomer on.
You think you're all that with your perfect skin, perfectly coordinated outfit, and cute little shoes? Well, you don't have what it takes to make it here, baby! I bet you can't even lip sync as good as me. - Ashlee Simpson, failed singer, failed reality TV star
At that point a radio was brought out and it turns out that the trouble maker could do better. Which is considered a miracle since Ashlee Simpson was competing against the 11-month old. Maxwell, Jessica's daughter.

It turned out that blood really isn't thicker than water, because mommy Jessica had had enough of her daughter stealing the limelight. "You can't go around thinking the world is going to revolve around you because you're pretty," pouted Mom to little Maxwell. "There can only be one superstar Simpson at a time and I'm it!" Ashlee seemed unfazed by the rant, probably due to hearing the diatribe many times before. At that point Jessica swept baby to put her down for a nap.

When Jessica returned, the crowds were gone, except for some late comers who were sad to hear that Maxwell had left the show.

This story is a fake. Check out the real tale here.