Sunday, March 13, 2011

Iditarod Cancelled!

Juneau, Alaska - The Iditarod, Alaska's yearly sled dog race, has been cancelled by the governor, Thomas Bramblebush. The announcement came on the heals of  RUFF's (Righteous Union For Fairness), the union for the sled dogs, demand for reasonable wages and work hours. Governor Bramblebush made the announcement early this morning from his jacuzzi in the state funded mansion. "The tax payers of Alaska will not be held hostage to dogs! These animals need to obey and do what they are told. They should feel lucky that they have jobs in the first place!" 

Sparky, an Alaskan huskie and President of RUFF, had this to say, "We sled dogs are professional athletes. To prepare for this race we train year round. We are the engine, heart, and soul of the teams. We race in the snow and in the cold. For what? Dry food out of a bag and the occasional pat on the head."  RUFF's demands are simple: steak daily, a new bone every week, and NO neutering.

Cancelling the race came a shock to many fans since the 1,161 mile competition is at its half way point. Governor Bramblebush realized that he may have made a mistake, but refused to negotiate with RUFF.The governor's office have made phone calls to RSU (Reindeer Sledder's Union) in order to get replacements for the dogs, to non avail. Comet, leader of the RSU, had this to say to Newest Newsy News, "I'm not here to pick up the mess that the governor made - those dogs are going to have their day."