Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Real Reason Why The Price Of Oil Is Higher

The reason why the price of oil climbs higher is clear: Americans do not understand the Law of Supply and Demand. It is commonly held that the increased price of gasoline and other petroleum products is due to the current conflict in the Middle East. That assumption, however, has been proven false due to the recent poll of done by The Newest Newsy News. Ten thousand Americans were asked this question:

What is the Law of Supply and Demand?
Here is the breakdown of responses.
  • 12% stated that when they want something (demand) they better well damn get it (supply).
  • 51.5% responded that the greater the demand causes the price of an item to go down.
  • 16% were irritated that Lindsay Lohan has been beaten soundly by Charlie Sheen as the current craziest celebrity.
  • 20% of Americans wanted the law passed if it gets gasoline back down to $2 a gallon. 
  • .5% stated that when demand increases for an item or service prices tend to rise, and conversely if demand drops prices tend to fall. Of course, if supply drops for an item and demand stays the same the price goes up.
From this study it is clear that Americans do not conserve energy because it is believed by a majority of the population that the more energy used means the cheaper it will get. Unnecessary lights left on, cars, trucks, and SUVs that guzzle gas, and homes heated to 70 degrees are strategies used by the ignorant to get the price of oil down. Various environmental groups have charged that the Legion of Evil's Petrochemical Division is responsible for the public's misunderstanding of the Law of Supply and Demand due to the Legion's public relation campaign Math is Useless. The Legion's Director of Public Relations, Baron von Himmler, had this to say "We believe that the American public knows what it wants. Why let facts get in the way?"